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Supporting the development of community managed library services:

Posted by Jo Gooding  |  9th Mar 2012
An interview with David Jones, Service Delivery Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council

Ever increasing expectations : the volunteer manager

Posted by Jo Gooding  |  18th Jan 2012
Local outrage when library services are threatened with closure is testimony to the esteem in which they're held by the Nation. Communities around the world are reacting and campaigning in different ways, and implementing a variety of solutions to maintain and extend free book lending schemes and access to curated information. Sometimes, volunteers look to 'take the strain' and step in to prevent services from being lost, and we're aware that a debate is raging in England about the extent to which this is welcome.

Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Calls for Evidence on Library Closures

Posted by Jo Gooding  |  13th Dec 2011
12 Days after Christmas… … is all the time you have to submit a written response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s inquiry on library closures (Deadline 12th January 2012)

Saving Dorset's Libraries

Posted by Marcus  |  28th Oct 2011
Two stories of efforts to transform and save community libraries in Dorset. Thanks to our contributors from Lyme Regis Development Trust and Friends of Charnmouth Library.

News Round-up from the Network

Posted by Anton Schultz  |  18th Oct 2011
We are pleased to now be working with a number of local authorities and community organisations across the country to establish the network in earnest.

The Transformation Challenge

Posted by Anton Schultz  |  18th Oct 2011
Library service managers all over the country are being forced to radically rethink the configuration of library services – both to reap unprecedented efficiency savings and to evolve services that are fit for the 21st century. Related to this, many are now looking at library asset and service transfer to communities, but ‘all community offers are by no means created equal’.

A ground level view

Posted by Anton Schultz  |  19th Aug 2011
There’s been a lot going on with community organisations and residents all over the country coming together to save their libraries since my last post - here’s a quick roundup to reflect some of the activity.

Here at last!

Posted by Anton Schultz  |  7th Jun 2011
It’s great to see the Community Knowledge Hub finally come to fruition. During the past few months I have been working with colleagues and Locality members, and talking with Local Authorities and Community Organisations all over the country to develop support for a new wave of emerging community managed libraries.