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    In March 2017 we surveyed the Libraries Peer Network to find out what the environment looks like for community-managed libraries today.

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In March 2017 we surveyed the Libraries Peer Network to find out what the environment looks like for community-managed libraries today.

Libraries may take a variety of forms and some of them may be established as charities.
The Charities Act says that a 'charity' is an institution which
1. is established for charitable purposes only and
2. is subject to the control of the High Court's charity law jurisdiction
To be a 'charitable purpose' (as defined in the Charities Act) it must:
• fall within the descriptions of purposes in the Charities Act and
• be for the public benefit – the 'public benefit requirement'

Hi Jeremy

Community libraries I've been in touch with have sourced books from wide range of places.

In terms of bulk buying, I know that some have had discussions with wholesale companies like Betrams. Mike McCusker at Fresh Horizons has a conversation with them and they were open to the idea of offering a group discount if a number of community libraries wanted to join up as a a buying group. He was in touch with Neil Barker, Northern Account Manager
Bertram Library Services, 07909 998 962, [email protected]

Luckily we are still getting our books from the council. However with my other hat on I work with Usborne Books, a large, independent, children's, publisher.

I can offer discounts of upto 30% on all books in our range of 3,000 titles and can advise on what you what is popular etc. If you look on the shelves in your library you will doubtless find a huge number of Usborne Books!! Look for the air balloon on the spine!!

I'm very happy to chat over options with you without obligation

[email protected]
(023) 8041 0917

Hi Graham

It is likely that the title deeds include a covenant that set out any restrictions for use to help protect the intention of the gift. I would suggest that you make a formal request for a copy of the title deeds so you can have a look. You should be able to make use of a freedom of information request if they don't provide willingly.

Hi Tracy

I'm afraid, oftentimes, a community organisation is asked to cover its own legal costs in relation to property transactions. However, this will depend upon the specific circumstances, and our staff team can advise and/or take a look at draft lease agreements and highlight any concerns - simply visit http://www.mycommunityrights.org.uk/ or telephone 0845 3454564

Really grateful for the call from the Ethical Property Organisation - seems we shouldn't have to pay this cost, now need to convince the landlord!!

Hi Sophie,

We were unable to stay linked in with our local authority library management system and so we liaised with the other community libraries in our borough and bought the Eclipse management system. It is working well for us as we are able to share catalogues and enable our library users to reserve items between the community libraries. Whilst this isn't quite the same as being able to use their cards borough wide it is a good thing to be able to offer.

hope this helps.