This section provides some examples of innovative ideas that could have synergies with a community library. Have a look around for some inspiration for improving library's offer.

Engaging Teenagers through Songwriting

4th Apr 2013

Skipton Rewind Songwriting Club is the result of a partnership project between NYCC Libraries, NYCC CYC (Connecting Youth Cultures), 4 Youth, and ...

Barter for knowledge – bringing Trade School into libraries

11th Mar 2013
Celebrating practical wisdom, mutual respect and the social nature of exchange.

Welcoming hackers & makers into libraries

7th Mar 2013

Whatever the futurist trend-setters say, at the Creative Coop we believe literacy and books have an integral role to play in the future of our ...

Renewable Energy Generation and Efficiency for Community Libraries

13th Sep 2012

Here’s Just Power for Communities CIC’s short guide to what you should consider now before the dark days set in. Installing renewables, such as ...

Book Sales in Libraries

6th Aug 2012

In an effort to diversify income, and attract a wider range of users several community libraries are now selling second hand books alongside a free ...

Collaborative Consumption in Libraries

1st Aug 2012

Locality works to help communities to take charge of their services and assets. Ecomodo enables people to lend and borrow each other's everyday ...

Library Cinema's

1st Aug 2012

Locality has been working with Open Cinema to pilot the concept of a cinema-in-a-library, where any community can programme films which develop its ...