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Community Knowledge Hub

This Community Knowledge Hub for Libraries brings expert guidance and resources together with an interactive community of organisations and local authorities involved with community managed and supported libraries. In this way, the Hub provides an invaluable source of high quality information, along with the latest news from communities on the ground.
Community Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is organised across the following sections accessible to members of the network (join here):

The Planning Toolkit, provides an overview of key issues to consider when developing a community managed library. It is designed to help you to access information relevant to your situation wherever you are in your journey. Each section highlights key considerations for community organisations, Local Authorities, and Parish & Town Councils where appropriate..

The Q&A forum, provides an opportunity to search for answers or to post your own questions to be answered by our resident experts and Hub members.

The Resources and Case Studies provide a wealth of practical resources from legal advice to business planning tools, templates, case studies and model policies.

The Innovation section provides some examples of innovative ideas that could have synergies with a community library. It is intended to inspire thinking about more creative and enterprising community managed libraries to increase users and income.

The Members Directory allows you to search and network with other commnity libraries and supporters. Registered users are invited to create their own profiles to share with other members.

The News section provides updates from across the country about everything to do with community managed libraries. Members of the network are invited to submit their own news, blogs, videos and audio content to share their stories.