Benefits of Asset Transfer

Benefits of Asset Transfer

The benefits of asset transfer are potentially substantial and varied, depending on the extent to which the asset can be exploited for maximum community benefit.

Community based organisations develop styles of engagement that are more effective than other forms of ownership because they are directly accountable to their customers. Communities that come together to plan and deliver services can make them more inclusive and responsive than state run services. Communities can also bring a long term focus to the issues that are important to them, which is difficult for profit making private sector organisations to sustain.

By transferring control to community based organisations, asset transfer can:

  • Empower communities to shape the places in which they live and work.
  • Involve communities in co-designing, transforming and delivering the services from which they benefit.
  • Be a catalyst for skills development / volunteering opportunities / job creation / business development.
  • Promote 'community anchors' and resilience in deprived neighbourhoods through the provision of space / opportunities for local enterprise activity.
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Evaulation of the Asset Transfer Unit

Published in May 2011, this independent review conducted by SQW provides ...