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Organisational Development Overview

This document provides an overview of Organisational ...

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Income and Expenditure Checklist

This document sets out the main headings for Capital ...

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Risk Assessment - Library Project Develoment

This is an example of a risk assessment in relation to the develoment of a ...

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Evaulation of the Asset Transfer Unit

Published in May 2011, this independent review conducted by SQW provides ...

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Fresh Horizons - Case Study

This case study provides an in depth look at Fresh ...

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Example Display Leaflets and Posters Policy

Kirklees Libraries Display Leaflets and Posters Policy.

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Example Reference Policy

Kirklees Libraries reference policy.

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Example Book Stocking Policy

Kirklees Libraries book stocking policy.

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Kirklees Libraries Acceptable Use Policy

Kirklees Libraries Acceptable Use Policy.