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Community Libraries in England and Wales - December 2012

An up to date list of Community Libraries operating in England and Wales ...

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Econocom ICT Reassignment

Documents relating to ICT reassignment offer

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Little Chalfont Community Library - Business Plan - 2006

"A successful business plan but written with no experience of running a ...

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission

Have a statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, ...

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Working with property professionals - Community enterprise and you

Annemarie Naylor looks at the role of the property professional in relation ...

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My Community Rights

The My Community Rights website is a website and advice service for anyone ...

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Buckinghamshire - Community Library Strategy

The following links provide an overview of the decisions made regarding ...

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Warwickshire - Community Library Transfer Approach

The following links and attachments detail the initial decisions made by ...