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Risk Assessment - Library Project Develoment

This is an example of a risk assessment in relation to the develoment of a ...

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Business Plan Template

This template provides an outline and summary of key things to include ...

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Little Chalfont Community Library - Business Plan - 2006

"A successful business plan but written with no experience of running a ...

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Framework for the Future - MLA Action Plan for Public Libraries

Museums, Libraries and Archives, Council published action plan based on ...

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Income and Expenditure Checklist

This document sets out the main headings for Capital ...

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Asset Transfer Unit

The Asset Transfer Unit helps to empower local people and organisations to ...

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General Disposal Consent (England) 2003

Annex to the Local Government Act 1972 providing guidance to those local ...

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Grappenhall Community Library

Soon after the closure of the library on the 2nd April 2011, a small group ...