• Community Managed Libraries Conference

    Join us in Sheffield on 20 March 2018.


  • Libraries Peer Network Survey

    In March 2017 we surveyed the Libraries Peer Network to find out what the environment looks like for community-managed libraries today.

  • Enabling Collaboration

    Promoting and enabling collaborative solutions to strengthen community enterprise.

  • Peer Support & Expert Advice

    Lively debate and specialist advice to organisations and authorities exploring community management solutions.

  • The Hub

    The online home for Community Managed Libraries. Supporting the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise to realise the benefits of community enterprise.

If you are looking to save the building for the community the My Community Rights service offers free advice over the phone: call 0845 345 4564, Mon-Fri 9.30am – 12.30pm. They may be able to support you to access further support and funding.

copyright law states: http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/copyright/p01_uk_copyright_law

It is an offence to perform any of the following acts without the consent of the owner:
> - Rent, lend or issue copies of the work to the public.

It is advised not to not 'rent' anything that has not been purchased as a 'rentable' asset with regard to copyright. Even lending for free - with a subscription model - could still be deemed "renting" regardless of whether DVDs are second hand.