Book Launch

Book Launch

Posted by Anton Schultz  |  27th Aug 2013
Thursday 5th September, 7:00pm Exactly a year since the occupation and liberation of Friern Barnet Library, there is to be the launch of a new book on the 5th September 2013 in the library at 7pm. Friern Barnet Library - Occupied and Opened. The book features the community voices and community spirit that went into saving the Friern Barnet Library. Please see the attachment, FBL book launch, for further details. We look forward to seeing you there.

‘A library is a shrine to the written word, a place of reverence and knowledge. Living and working there gave me peace and clarity from the moment I awoke and emerged from between the shelves until when I slept between them 
once more.’  Donnie Vortex, Occupier

The book features the community voices and community spirit that went into saving the Friern Barnet Library.

There is an introduction by Richard Stein – top human rights Leigh Day lawyer. An article from Boyd Tonkin, Literary editor at the Independent. We hear stories from the Occupiers - Phoenix, Daniel, and Donnie, and local campaigners - Rosie Canning and Mike Gee. Barnet Bloggers Roger Tichbourne, and Mrs Angry, tell tales about the campaign and court case. Save Friern Barnet Library Group members Maureen Ivens, Martin Russo, Frances Briers, Joanna Delos, and Tamar Andruiser, explain the hard work and heartache behind their campaign. Maryla Enefer and Helene Alderman describe the passion that went into getting the library building listed. Mackenzie friend, Reema Patel, talks about her part in organising the campaign and helping the defendants in court. Barry Rawlings describes his role as a local councillor. Fiona Brickwood talks honestly about the personal journey she underwent whilst saving the library. London Occupy talk about the visit by Will Self to support the library and read from his book, Umbrella. Donald Lyven describes his visit to Squatney Wick to see the film, A Polite Revolution and Lucy Nowell gives a picture of life behind the camera. And finally a reflection on community and protest by Sarah Sackman.

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