I've been told that my local library is closing but I want to keep it open - where do I start?

Alan Peart wrote...

I've been told that my local library is closing but I want to keep it open - where do I start?

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Anton Schultz wrote...

If you are looking to save the building for the community the My Community Rights service offers free advice over the phone: call 0845 345 4564, Mon-Fri 9.30am – 12.30pm. They may be able to support you to access further support and funding.

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Sophie Michelena wrote...

Another example of how to start, with a pop up co-working library lab!...

Also see Meanwhile Space http://www.meanwhilespace.com/

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Annemarie Naylor wrote...

The first thing to do is get the facts rather than the rumours. Ask your local library staff what they know and which council officers and/or elected members can be contacted for further information. A simple short letter or email to one of these people should get you the official situation quite quickly. A phone call will probably be quicker but you may value having a written record of the official statement for future reference.

To build up a wider understanding of what is being planned it’s worth discussing the matter with your local councillor who should be able to investigate the matter on your behalf. If there is an established local voluntary organisation such as a Development Trust or CVS they may also be able to give you an alternative view point or connect you with others who have expressed an interest in the subject.

Such investigation will also help you decide if it is now time to engage in an on-going consultation so as to influence proposed changes; or if such a time has passed and so you may need to take more hands-on social action. Such actions may include developing proposals for a community owned and run library. The ‘Getting Started’ section within the planning tool on this website will help you navigate your way through this process and explore if your ideas are feasible.

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